Frequently (very frequently) asked questions

In the past, no one has ever been able to get a good photo of my pet. How will Share the Joy Photography ensure that my photo session will be successful?

I have many clients who come to me who have had negative experiences in the past, and believe me I understand the frustration! Years of experience with finding the right light, gentle coaxing, tricky noises, tasty treats and talent post production processing, have led to success in photographing even the most challenging pets beautifully.

This is also why I always like to meet your pet before the session so we can get to know each other through playtime before the actual session, and I can scout the ideal location and lighting to make sure your pet is photographed in ideal conditions.

I have always wanted to get my pet photographed, but my (dog/cat/bunny) is not the “sit nicely for a photo” type of pet! How do you handle my pet’s unpredictable or goofy behavior during a shoot?

It all starts with my personal mantra: “It just doesn’t matter!” I come prepared for just about anything with towels, wipes, lint rollers, poop bags, very unique attention getters, healthy and delicious treats, and lots of laughter.

So if your dog:

  • is a total goof
  • won’t sit still for a nanosecond
  • likes to slobber everywhere
  • pees in happiness when he meets someone new
  • sheds like crazy
  • won’t every drop his favorite goofy toy

…don’t worry at all!

Pets can pick up on our anxieties quickly, so ‘carefree and fun’ is the name of the game for me! I encourage and coax behaviors, and never discipline if we don’t get them. You would be amazed at the pictures that can be captured in random moments when your dog charges at me for kisses!

That being said, aggressive dogs can be an issue and those behaviors should be clearly discussed with me ahead of time. We can use precautions to keep us all safe and still create lovely images!

I’m ready to have my pet photographed! How do I get started?

Wonderful! Start by taking a look at the images throughout the site.  Ask yourself: What appeals to you about them? Do you like studio or on-location shots best? Also think about your ultimate objective with this pet photo session – do you want beautiful wall art, a lovely photo album to leaf through, or fun photo products to remind you often about your loved one?

Once you have a sense of what you are looking for – or if you still have no idea and are ready to talk more – click below and we will get started! I will send you the complete Share the Joy Photography Session and Product Guide to review before our complimentary creative consultation in my studio in Lafayette, CA (or on the phone if you are out of the area).

And most importantly – don’t worry about anything! These sessions are always so much fun, even if your pet is a total goof (see above!). 

There are so many beautiful products to choose from – do you have samples of products that I can see before I purchase any for myself?

Yes! Within two weeks of your session, you and your loved ones are invited to an ordering appointment at my studio, where images are shown on a large screen to help you pick your favorites. For clients not in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can complete ordering over the phone and email.

My studio is a mini art gallery, so you can see, touch, and feel what each item looks like before purchasing! I work exclusively with vendors who deliver top quality products and engage in sustainable production methods. I take care of matting and framing too!

Print orders (minimum of $500) are placed and paid for at the ordering appointment. Depending on the product, turnaround time ranges between four days and three weeks.

I’ve already had a photo session with Share the Joy Photography, and I would love to get another piece of artwork for my home. Is it possible to order new prints/products after the ordering session?

Absolutely! I archive every photo for all of my clients, and the originals are always available for us to use for a new print or art display. It is quite common for a couple or family to do an initial purchase after their session with me, and then months later a member of the family reaches out to me to order a “surprise” photo gift for an upcoming holiday or birthday. This is also quite common for people looking for additional artwork for their new vacation home or updated work space.  And sadly, when a pet passes is another occasion to revisit portraits to commemorate the loved one.

What happens if I don’t love the pictures?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you do not love the pictures, I will retake your pet’s photos at no cost to you.

What happens at the Creative Consultation? Can I bring my pet with me?

All of my pet photography sessions are as unique and special as our pets themselves. That is why every photography session begins with a complimentary creative consultation in my studio or over the phone. During this consultation, we will have the chance to get to know you and plan the ideal photography session for your pet. I also have sample products available for you to touch and see, so we can plan the session with your end objectives in mind.

This is also a great time for me to meet your pet so we can get acquainted before the session! Please plan on bringing your dog to the consultation if possible.

Ready to get started?  Click here!