Project 52 – “Happy Face”

I am participating in weekly pet photography project with other photographers from all over the world.  This week’s subject is “Happy Face” or what do we see from our furry friends when we get home.  I have two very mellow dogs – two year old siblings Jack and Julie. Their access to me when I get home is always blocked by a gate.  Inside it is a gate my cat could  push over, but the pups  never do.  They wait patiently for their hello.  Outside,  their access to the main gate is blocked by another smaller gate.  Again, they patiently wait.  You must be thinking  – “Is that it?  Don’t they get excited by anything?”  Well my UPS guy is on vacation this week otherwise I would show you my dogs dancing on the outside gate!  He brings them treats every day!   Maybe I should start doing that??   Love my furballs!  (I got to experiment with my new Westcott Ice Light on the top photos – I think I am going to love that thing!)

Check out the how Ragamuffin, a professional pet photographer in Melbourne Australia interpreted this fun topic and take a wonderful trip around the world by following the whole blog circle until you end up back here!