Memories Session – Sweet Clyde

As I photographed beautiful 12 year old Clyde today, I observed a most special relationship between Clyde and his loving owners.  They are a young couple facing a future without their beloved dog who is battling cancer.  In some ways I felt like an interloper, observing an intimate love that an outsider shouldn’t be able to see.   During the session I felt such a range of emotions; I would well up with tears as I observed something touching, or I would bust out laughing at Clyde’s wonderful ability to tune out any funny sound I made to get his attention, but how he never lost sight of the person with the treat bag. It doesn’t happen very often, but I cried as I picked out these few images to share.  It was an absolute honor to be entrusted with the responsibility to capture these memories of Clyde.  Thank you Alex and Andrew.

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