Location Scouting – the Benicia Waterfront

I scout all non-home locations before sessions.  This allows me to know what the sun is doing when, what kind of lighting I need and then plan the timing of the session to be most productive.  No one wants to sit around while the photographer is trying to figure out where to go next!  And the session I had planned that would be at this location included two dogs that would need to be photographed as efficiently as possible so that they would not get over excited.

So I snagged my A-number one model and cutie-potootie Piper and her mom and headed up to the Benicia Waterfront.  We found the perfect locations for action shots, the coolest old building which would do perfectly for posed images of the dogs and their family and the best spots for the most lovely bay views.   Here are a few images from the scouting session and you can read the blog post of the session that came about as a result of this scouting with Koda and Greta here.

benicia scouting
benicia scouting-2 benicia scouting-3 benicia scouting-5

Jack and Julie 52 – Song

Every week a wonderful group of pet photographers from all over the world interprets a new weekly theme through their pet photography.  This week’s theme is ‘song’.

My image is best viewed with the song I chose playing in the background,  so, before you scroll down, click play!

In the words of Randy Newman, I give you…

The Three Amigos!

One for each other
And all for one
The three brave Amigos are we!

Three Amigos

These are my very own three amigos – Jack and Julie and their best little buddy Piper. The Spanish word ‘Amigos’ means friends and these three have been best buds since Piper met them as a little puppy over two year ago. I’m sure that they will be best buddies forever!  Everywhere they go invariably someone calls them the Three Amigos!

Now let’s see how other pet photographers interpreted this fun theme, starting with Pavlina Sanborn Photography, St. Augustine, FL.  Click on the links at the bottom of each post and follow the blog circle around the world until you end up back here!  Enjoy!

Project 52 – Leading Lines

I am back with this week’s blog  post where I have again joined up with other pet photographers from the Beautiful Beasties Network  to collectively challenge ourselves with a weekly assignment.   This week’s assignment was leading lines – any kind of lines – trees, painted lines, anything that helps draw the eye right to your subject.  This provided me a good excuse to visit my alma mater, UC Berkeley where the amazing architecture is just full of beautiful lines!  We went on spring break so there were not a lot of students around, but the ones that were around sure loved seeing the dogs posing! Go Bears!

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Project 52 – “Love”

February is all about Valentines Day and love, so this week’s Project 52 with other pet photographers from all over the world, was to photograph our pets in a Valentine’s Day setting or sharing the love.  Well how fun is that?  And what a wonderful excuse to pull out a beautiful pink background and fluffy white rug.  I started with a cute Golden Retriever stuffed animal as a prop, but that didn’t work too well because Julie just insisted on sniffing it (why there?) and Jack just stared at it like it was his next meal.

So I took some shots of them by themselves- what cuties!

But we still needed a little ‘something’ extra, so we invited best buddy Piper, all 14 pounds of miniature labradoodle, over to play.

And then we got them all together.  Special thanks to Piper’s mom for helping with the wrangling!

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