Pinky! Action Shots of a beautiful German Shepherd Puppy :: Bay Area Pet Photography

As a surprise for her Mom, Cassandra set up a session for Pinky – her Mom’s beautiful Puppy.  Pinky was perfect – she posed, she ran, she chased balls and best of all; her portraits made her Mom very happy!  I am often asked how I get action photos of pups. One very effective way is to have the owner throw a ball right at me!  As you can see, this was a little close for comfort but take a look at the great action shots we captured!   These images were captured on a 70-200 Nikon lens at 2.8 aperture, 1/1600 shutter speed and ISO 200 on a Nikon D3s.  I use continuous auto focus with single point focusing.  I also use back button focusing to separate the activities of depressing the shutter from the action of focusing.  My thumb manages focus and my index finger manages capture. I toggle my focus point to the eye and move my camera to keep the focus point there.  When taking action shots I do not have time to change the focus point in the middle of a sequence so I decide the composition I want at the start.   Enjoy little Miss Pinky!

Pinky Pinky-2
Such fun!

Sarge and Drake – Best Friends :: Lafayette Dog Photographer

Sarge and Drake are two rescued German Shepherds and best of buddies!  Their proud  mom won a session I donated to Golden State German Shepherd Rescue’s annual gala and auction.  Mom knew just the images she wanted and the boys were so cooperative!  What neither of us expected though, was that they would do this!

German Shepherd Best Friends

And here are the boys striking these poses so perfectly!


What fun and such a joy to know that these abandoned dogs found such a perfect home!