This week’s project 52 topic is Summertime and to me that means Road trip!  We headed out to Rodeo Beach north of San Francisco for our trip.  Weather was not too cooperative, but any rain we get in dry California is always welcome!

Trip began with the pups safely tethered in the car.  Please note the shape of the ‘chew proof’ beds!  🙂


We knew we were in for a treat as we saw the Golden Gate Bridge when we exited a tunnel!


When we reached the beach the pups got busy!  Julie ran between the beautiful rock formations.


Jack discovered the most wonderful little creatures.  There  were 1000’s of them on the beach.  I had never seen one before but with a little research discovered that they are Velella velella and have washed ashore from Oregon to California for the first time in years.  You can read more about the little guys here.

5 5a

I played a little trick on the pups and hid from them – they ran to my rescue!


Then it was time to go, but first we had to get a closer look at the Golden Gate Bridge.  Jack was pretty much done with picture taking, but Julie obliged!

Julie City

I hope you have enjoyed our road trip!  This is a blog circle, so let’s see how other pet photographers interpreted this fun theme starting with Spotty Nose Pet Photography in Los Angeles.  Click on the links at the bottom of each page until you end up back here!  Happy Travels!