I participate in a weekly photography project with many other pet photographers all over the world.  Each week we are challenged with a new topic.  The topic for this week’s blog circle is ‘repetition’ or finding a way to use some sort of repeating element to add interest to our photos, whether it’s an object, a pattern, or whatever else we can think of.  I began a very personal photography project last year that has the repeating element of a therapy vest!   I am working on a book called ‘Hug Tails, Portraits of Therapy Pets.’  I am photographing these wonderful dogs and cats in my studio and ‘at work.’  This week I had the pleasure of photographing Toby, Portia and Cara, all wearing that beautiful vest.  As much as the vest is a repeating element, I am striving for the images themselves be unique and reflective of the animals’ hearts!

This is Portia and Cara –

Therapy Pets - spaniels

This is Toby –

Therapy dog - golden

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to participate in the weekly blog circle, and during that time, my boy Jack was accepted into our Therapy Program!  Here is his handsome, proud  self!

Therapy dog - golden retriever

His sister, Ms. Serious Julie (at least in this image) has been a therapy dog for two years.  I just had to photograph them together!

Therapy Dogs - goldens

If you would like to see a brief video of my early work on this project, here it is! (Helps to increase the quality to HD).

Now it is time to check out how other pet photographers incorporated this fun theme.  Let’s start with Patricia  Corl of  Field and Ranch Photography in Dallas, Texas.  Click on the links at the bottom of each post until you end up back here!  Happy repeating!