Jack and Julie 52 – Song

Every week a wonderful group of pet photographers from all over the world interprets a new weekly theme through their pet photography.  This week’s theme is ‘song’.

My image is best viewed with the song I chose playing in the background,  so, before you scroll down, click play!

In the words of Randy Newman, I give you…

The Three Amigos!

One for each other
And all for one
The three brave Amigos are we!

Three Amigos

These are my very own three amigos – Jack and Julie and their best little buddy Piper. The Spanish word ‘Amigos’ means friends and these three have been best buds since Piper met them as a little puppy over two year ago. I’m sure that they will be best buddies forever!  Everywhere they go invariably someone calls them the Three Amigos!

Now let’s see how other pet photographers interpreted this fun theme, starting with Pavlina Sanborn Photography, St. Augustine, FL.  Click on the links at the bottom of each post and follow the blog circle around the world until you end up back here!  Enjoy!