Welcome to our weekly blog circle of pet photographers tackling a new challenge.  I have dedicated my weekly project to my pups Jack and Julie (and this week their little buddy Piper).  Our topic this week is shadows.  I don’t like shadows.  I avoid shadows. I try to eliminate shadows in post processing. My point?  This was hard for me; but as is the case with most photography challenges, it opened my eyes up to some new approaches I can take!

First up are the three amigos in a contrasty, shadowy (boring) image.  I placed the pups in a location relatively free of that dreaded dappled light and embraced some moderate shadows.

shadow 1

I  was not too inspired by this though, so I decided to really go for it and see just how much of a shadow I could get!  I ran out of space!

shadow 1-2

Hmmmm… this was starting to get fun!  So can you recognize me, Jack and Julie in this one?  That’s my elbow up holding the camera vertically.  I like how slim my legs are.  🙂

shadow 1-3

Well now I am a convert, at least temporarily, so I just started looking anywhere I could for the most unique shadows I could find.  This is Piper and her mom!

shadow 1-4

So great lesson learned this week.  Sometimes forcing yourself to photograph in way that would normally make you uncomfortable, can be quite satisfying!   Don’t forget, this is a blog circle so click on the links at the bottom of each blog post and follow the circle around the world until you end up back here!  First up is the wonderfully talented Mary Siani of Mary Siani Photography in Laguna Niguel, California.