Project 52 – Into the Woods

It is Project 52 time again! This week  I have again joined up with other pet photographers from the Beautiful Beasties Network  to collectively challenge ourselves with a weekly assignment.   This week’s topic is ‘into the woods.’  Well we have a most beautiful wooded area right by our house.  I photographed 2 year old Trent there last weekend.  His Grandma wanted images of Trent with his buddy Jack.  Jack has watched over Trent since he was born and she wanted an image that captured that relationship.

This is Jack and Trent!

Little Bailey also came along and worked very hard to keep up with everyone!

While Trent’s grandma didn’t ask to be in any images, I just could not pass up capturing this tender moment!

This is a blog circle, meaning at the bottom of each post will be a link to the next photographer’s interpretation of this fun theme!  Start with  Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos  and keep clicking until you end up back here!

How to Hang Framed Wall Art

How many of you use the ‘multiple nail hole’  method for hanging prints?  You put in a nail, hang the print, if not quite right, you move the nail!  And how many times do you move the nail?  And this is after carefully measuring everything and thinking you are pretty close!  If this is your own home, have at it, but at a client’s home, preserving the walls and getting it right the first time should be a priority.    After much thought I came up with this method that WORKS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

I start with this poster size, super sticky, gridded paper from Post-It.  I get it as Office Max.

On one of my own walls, I hang the client’s print.  I mark the corners with painters tape.

With the print still on the wall, I cover it with the poster sized post-it paper (sometimes you need to overlap paper for wider prints).  The top and sides should align with the edges of the paper.  Crease the bottom to mark the bottom edge.   Remove and cut the pattern at the bottom.  If you need to use more than one sheet of paper, tape the sheets together with shipping tape.

Remove the print from the wall and place the pattern on the wall, making sure to align with the corners marked with painter’s tape.  Note the name of the print, the orientation and MOST IMPORTANT, mark where your nail is located.  Repeat this with every print.  Even if they are the same size, there is no guarantee that the wire length or locations will be the same.

Now at the client’s home,  place your patterns!  I do a lot of measuring and I use a level if two or more prints are next to each other.  When all looks great, I use a nail punch to mark the  hole locations.

Then remove the patterns and nail in your hanging hardware.

And hang your prints!  Everything should align perfectly the first time up!

I hope this method helps you as much as it helps me!  (Rupert and Bentley are  happy to help all of you too!)

2013 Holiday Cards

Holiday Card Season is here!  I have some fun and beautiful new card designs ready to personalize just for you!

Options include:
Size:  5×7  folded or flat cards
Type:  Folded (customization on all 4 sides) or a Flat Card (customization on front and back)
Paper Types: These are professionally press printed and feel and look beautiful!   Two options are available:  a semi-gloss smooth or ‘green’ art  linen paper.  ‘Green’ art linen has a  fine linen texture which  adds a feeling of quality to your cards.  It also contains recycled fibers and is created using wind-power.
Proofs are sent via email

Pricing (sets include envelopes)
Folded:   #25 – $95, #50 – $180, #100 – $325
Flat Cards:   #25 – $75, $50 – $140, #100 – $255

Order deadline is December 5th!  If you need your gallery re-opened to order your holiday card,  just drop me an email at

Design #1

Design #2