Moonrise over Rat Island

Once a month the full moon rises over Rat Island in the SF Bay just as the sun is setting allowing detail in both the moon and Rat Island to be visible.  Didn’t expect to see the beautiful reflections in the water though!  I know this isn’t pet photography, but the Island is called ‘Rat’ Island!  Thank you Michael Maloney of Camera West in Walnut Creek for sponsoring this fun photo walk!

Project 52 – Words

This week’s project 52 with other pet photographers around the world is to incorporate words into our images.   This topic immediately brought to mind the many voiceless animals that need homes.  Sweet puppy Mikey was just  rescued and is in a wonderful foster home but is now looking for his forever home.  I don’t want anyone to walk by Mikey!!  Sniff……



You can read the entire poem here.  Now let’s see how other pet photographers interpreted this thoughtful theme starting with  Boston pet photographer, Blue Amrich Studio.  This is a blog circle, so click on the links at the bottom of each post until you end up back here!



2013 PPA International Print Competition – Silver Medalist

Once each year the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) holds an International Print Competition (IPC). They judge images on a set of twelve elements to determine if the image is deserving of a Merit and being included in their General Collection. For all images receiving a Merit there is a second judging to determine if the image should be included in the prestigious PPA Loan Collection. The PPA considers the Loan Collection “the best of the best,” and publishes these images in their annual Loan Collection Book.

I entered the maximum allowed four images in the IPC for the first time this year. All four entries Merited and one was accepted into the Loan Collection, earning me a Silver Medal for the competition.

These images showcase the wide variety of images I love to capture.  From classic studio portraits (Curiosity and He’s All Ears), to outdoor portraits utilizing off camera lighting to properly expose the pups (Golden), to capturing a special moment with all natural light (Jump for Joy).

Golden was the one image that I had in my head before I even attempted to photograph it.  These are my two goldens, Jack and Julie.  I wanted to capture them in front of the Golden Gate Bridge during the lovely golden hour at sunset.  Thanks to the help of a friend holding my off camera flash unit and getting the dogs attention, my idea came to life!