Project 52 – Getting Low

It is Project 52 time again!  I have again joined up with other pet photographers from the Beautiful Beasties Network  to collectively challenge ourselves with a weekly assignment.   This week’s assignment is to capture images from a low angle – ideally lower than eye level on the dog. Good thing my pups are pretty big and I can easily get under them.  We visited beautiful Lake Alpine in the California Sierras at about 7,000 feet and we all had a blast!

Jack is the swimmer and heads out as far as we can throw the stick.  Julie gets wet, but would rather chew her stick or watch Jack.   Yes that is Jack’s big head out in the water behind Julie. You can picture me on a towel on the ground trying to keep my lens dry (unsuccessfully!).

Right before we left, I saw these lovely highlights on Jack’s coat so I closed my aperture  to capture the sun’s rays and just the highlights on Jack’s coat.

Our hike back out brought us through this beautiful field of wildflowers.

It was a magical day!  Don’t forget, this is a blog circle, so follow the links at the bottom of each post to see how other pet photographers got low until you end up back here!  First up is Tracy Sutherland Photography in BC, Canada.  Have fun!

Project 52 – Fixed Focal Length

This week I have again joined up with fellow pet photographers to concentrate on a chosen theme!  This week we are fixing our  lens focal length either by using a prime (non zoomy) lens or fixing our zoom lenses to one length and leaving them there.  I’m not much of a prime user – especially outside where pups are moving all over the place.  I zoom in and out all the time with either my 24-70 or 70-200 lenses.  Well this week, any zooming I was doing was with my feet!  I added the additional challenge of shooting at high noon; this is a yucky time to shoot with such contrasty light but the opportunity struck.  So off to Pt. Isabel Dog Park we went with my 105 micro lens.  This lens is primarily for close-up work, but I like it for portrait work too.  And this lens really gets me moving!  I started far from Jack and Julie and gradually got closer and closer until I almost stepped on a surprised tiny critter!

That little gopher was as surprised to see my lens in his cute face as I was to see him!

Don’t forget, this is a blog circle, so to see how other pet photographers zoomed with their feet, click on the links at the bottom of each blog post until you end up back here — starting with Nashville Dog Photography by Sweet Silver Photo.